The World's most advanced paperless, automated end-to-end fintech platform

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The complete end-to-end solution

Automated loan origination, assessment, aquisition and management

Used by financiers, lenders, and financial institutions (funders) to acquire and manage both commercial and consumer loans across a diverse range of asset classes and portfolios, ePremium handles the entire process - origination, assessment, aquisition and compliance.

Specifically, e-Premium provides low-cost end-to-end fintech payment processing facility which disrupts the complexity of financial management by automating end-to-end loan acquisition, processing, and document management, while strictly complying with the required legislation for the industry.

The ePremium Ecosystem

A Customizable Fintech Platform For Any Industry

These are just some examples:

Financial Institutions

Consumer Lenders

Automotive & Commercial

Collection Agencies

International Remitters

Asset Managers

The complete solution

ePremium isn't just a database. It's not just a CRM. It doesn't try to solve a single problem, but rather provides a complete end-to-end solution for your financial management.
We've developed a product suite that is available on any platform - Mac, Windows, as well as corporate and consumer facing web and mobile applications to allow you to take control of your financial workflow from any location, at any time.

  • Secure, Solid Database Structure
  • eConnect2 API interface
  • Customer Relationship Management Platform
  • Corporate Web & Mobile Interface
  • Consumer Web & Mobile Apps
  • Integration with your existing Site or Apps

Products Tailored To Your Market

Automated lending is here.

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How does it work?

We've developed ePremium's API architecture to be isolated from the core business logic of the application, allowing for complete flexibility with the type of implementation you require. It's simply a case of choosing the connections you require for your business.

Here's two different use cases illustrating different implementations of the system - Toggle the buttons below to see the difference between a consumer lending platform and an online electronic wallet, and step through the cards to the right to discover more..

Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform
Lending Platform Example


Lending Platform

Key Features

With over a decade's worth of R&D to bring you the right solution

Rock-solid Engineering

ePremium is built on a stable relational database, developed and fine-tuned to be the most complete platform in the industry.

Multilingual Support

An advanced, real-time language system allows ePremium to be deployed in any location in a multitude of languages.

Depreciating Tables

Legacy data is never lost with ePremium's intelligent table depreciation system, allowing peace of mind with older data.

Ready for any industry

A modular system by design, ePremium can be tailored for any industry with our suite of business login plugins and API's.

Advanced Document Handling

Store, Modify, Create and Share any form of documentation required for your business needs directly within ePremium.

Interface with existing apps

Your existing customer facing apps won't be affected, simply update the API list within ePremium and you're ready for business.

In the Wild

A selection of companies using ePremium

Global Distribution Partner

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